Here you can find some audio samples. Those audio files have been converted from midi to wav with the use of a Ardour and various VSTs.

If you have generated something that you think should be included here, or have some VST to suggest please contact me.

If the embedded music player doesn't provide you a way to download the tracks (e.g. Firefox), you can grab them from here.



VST: Vital

Lead Instrument: Distance Majestic Lead by In The Mix

Rhythm Instrument: Piano from the yard sale by Inktome



VST: Dexed

Lead/Rhythm Instrument: PHAROX



VST: Surge

Lead Instrument: 80s Futures Pasts by Jacky Ligon

Rhythm Instrument: FM EPiano 1, 3, 5 by Jacky Ligon



VST: Surge

Lead Instrument: Winter Feelings by Kyurumi

Rhythm Instrument: Bitcrushed Dreams by Kyurumi